Trivia at the Wakefield Market, July 4

Join us for an outdoors edition of trivia at the Wakefield Farmers' Market at 11 a.m. on Saturday July 4.  The market is set up at the corner of Legion and Riverside Road, next to the Alpengruss.

If you have a lawn chair, feel free to bring it. Otherwise, we'll get comfortable on the grass. You can sign up solo or with a team, and the winner takes home a nice basket of local fare.

Click here for a link to the Wakefield Market

Fiction as a Dream

As a writer, you are a dream weaver. Your most important task is to keep the dream going and to avoid at all costs waking the reader. Think of how easy it is, and how terrible it is, to wake up in the middle of a dream. Think of how much we hate alarm clocks, babies wailing in the apartment next door, sirens in the middle of the night. Good writers will do everything they can to keep their reader submerged in the dream. But how do they do it?

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Short Fiction and Podcasts: A Beautiful Friendship

Every time we sit down to read a short story, we are blown away by how rewarding short fiction can be. Every time we sit down to write a short story, we are reminded of how difficult the form is to master. That's why it's such a treat to hear other writers discuss short fiction. Here is a link to eight great podcasts on the short story form, brought to you by the fantastic Aerogramme Writer's Studio, which is full of useful advice and literary news. We hope these masterclasses help you master that elusive form!  At the very least, you'll learn that there is always more to learn, and you'll know that you are not alone in your dedication to short fiction.  

    Photo Credit: John Wiechecki


Photo Credit: John Wiechecki

Trendy punctuation and the death of the serial comma

This post isn't going to be so much instructional as it is a rant. Every good blog needs a rant once in a while.

When I talk about trendy punctuation, I’m not talking about the Oxford Dictionary releasing a text-speak version of their tome. There's certainly a place for colloquialisms, but we’ll deal with that another time. I'm talking about someone up in the cloud deciding punctuation rules for the masses.

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